We are on a mission



"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi


... and we work hard to embody the change we want for the fish business:



a Stop the use of hormones and chemicals in food to avoid health risks

a Protect the oceans, species, and marine habitats

a Build sustainable sources of food for the next decades


That is why we only produce and import delicious all-natural, sustainable seafood.


Seafood grown, fished, and sourced in a responsible way, without depleting marine resources, polluting the environment, or using hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals.


It is such a simple concept. So easy to say, so hard to do it!





Welcome to ArtisanFish



ArtisanFish is a new type of company in the old fish business.


We want a positive change in the way seafood is sourced and consumed. We bring to market seafood that is good for people and the planet. We are producers, exclusive importers and distributors of premium quality seafood grown free of hormones or chemicals, all while being guided by a commitment to environmental stewardship.



Seafood with no "strings attached"


Do you really know what you are eating, and what's behind it?


When you buy from ArtisanFish, you can rest assured that:

- The seafood you are consuming is all-natural, no hormones or chemicals added

- Its fishing and processing are respectful of the environment

- Wild hydro-biological resources and their natural habitats are respected

- Fish are treated in a humane way

- Workers involved do their jobs under fair labor practices and safety

- The quality of the seafood is uncompromised



Seafood that is delicious and of the highest quality


No wonder top chefs, high-end restaurants and hotels, and premier retailers such as Whole Foods in the US are adding ArtisanFish products into their menus and products.



Working closely with producers to enable a change


We work closely with producers to help develop all natural sustainable farming and environmentally conscious fishing practices, as well as market planning. It is an education process that results in a mindset shift that brings a new sense of pride by producers, and that creates new sources of sustainable seafood for the future.



Thank you for joining us in this important mission.




Adrian Burstein

Founder and CEO


Our products


Each of our products has a powerful story. Stories about responsibility, about preservation rather than destruction, about passion.


We are proud to be exclusive importers and distributors of: